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Check Up @ Work

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Workplace Mental Health Check Up

Every work environment can benefit from a comprehensive, integrated approach to:

  • Recognizing and addressing mental illness issues
  • Accessing support services
  • Managing disability leave and return to work programs
  • Providing workplace accommodations
  • Creating healthy work environments

How does your workplace measure up?

Take our workplace mental health check up!


What is Check Up?

  • Website developed by the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO), Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, Ontario Psychological Association & Ontario College of Family Physicians to encourage routine mental health checks, early detection, informed actions and better mental health outcomes.
  • Screens for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and panic disorder; assesses propensity, not just current condition.
  • Offers fact sheets on disorders & related conditions, treatment options & guides.
  • Highlights local psychologists, counseling, clinical resources, associations & support groups; provincial and national resources.

Why Check Up?

  • Easy to access, in French and English
  • Easy to use, screener takes less than 7 minutes to complete
  • Easy to understand - straight forward, plain language
  • Upbeat so as to normalize mood disorders
  • Integrated screener, fact sheets and resources, leads to informed decisions

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Check Up from the Neck Up
Workplace Mental Health Check Up
A checklist of high level best practices is noted below. Assess your organization, relative to each, and select the statement that most closely applies. Select number of points under each statement.
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Now that you’ve assessed where your organization stands relative to these best practices, add up your ratings. 100 is optimal—if you achieved this, you deserve an award.
Total Points:
80 - 100 Impressive! Well done! Keep at it. Share your knowledge & best practices.
60 - 79 Encouraging. You’re on the right path. Exchange knowledge.
40 - 59 More momentum required. You know there are issues. Seek knowledge.
30 - 39 Of concern. Much to be done. Seek advice.
20 - 29 Of deep concern! Seek help!
Remember that mental illness is highly prevalent, on the rise and very relevant within the workplace. Much can be done to influence positive mental health outcomes.

Take the next step! We can help.

Check Up @ Work
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