Elyse Grieco

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Hi there! My name is Elyse Grieco, and I am the Family Matters Mental Health Counsellor at the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO).

About Me

My involvement in the mental health field began almost 8 years ago, during my second year of university.  Throughout my undergraduate studies I was involved in numerous mental health awareness- raising initiatives across campus.  I also volunteered with several mental health organizations, developing group facilitation skills.  In 2014 I graduated with my Masters in Social Work from the University of Toronto.   Through this program, I was fortunate to gain experience at the MDAO and learn about the concepts of recovery and peer support.  I also worked in residential treatment care for female youth in recovery from addictions. 

Through my varied experiences, my understanding of recovery has expanded, and extends beyond the idea of merely being symptom free.  I understand that recovery from mental health challenges is an ongoing life journey, and that with support, individuals can lead fulfilling lives and accomplish their dreams.  In my role, I use a person-centered, strengths-based and solutions-focused approach, seeking to support individuals in improving present circumstances, in a way that complements their unique vision of recovery.  

What I Do

I provide one-on-one counseling for individuals and families, facilitate several recovery groups, and collaborate in program development to meet the needs of our clients.

Email: elyseg@mooddisorders.ca
Phone: (416) 486-8046 ext 238