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Pyschosis Sucks
The Jack Project
Teen Mental Health


Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario 
The Anxiety Network International
CANMAT Anxiety Resource List - McMaster University'/a>
Social Anxiety Association 
Shyness and Social Anxiety Treatment Australia 
Social Anxiety Support 
Toronto Shyness and Social Anxiety Support Group 
Mindfulness Clinic

Bipolar Disorder

Pendulum Resources 
Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Disorders 
Centre for Youth BiPolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder, Canadian Mental Health Association 
Medline Plus Health Information 
Fyreniyce - Australian Bipolar Website 
The Organization for Bipolar Disorders 
bp Magazine (Canadian site) 
bp Magazine ( American site)
Your Mental Health Takes a Tribe


Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Depression and Antidepressants 

Depression Guide
University of Michigan Depression Centre 
Depression - Information and Treatment
Clinical Guidelines for Depressive Disorders
A Guide to Depression Treatments (incl Myths/Facts about depression)
Heads Up Guys


Suicide Prevention: One World Connected (webinar slide show)                                                                                                                                                                                           Canadian Crisis Centres    

Crisis Services Canada call toll free 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645




DrugWatch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  anax Xanax Addiction


Legal Resources

ARCH Disability Law Centre

Legal Aid Ontario: A Legal Service for Persons with Mental Illness

Community and Legal Aid Services Programme: ( C.L.A.S.P.)

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) - Publications: 

Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office


Clonfero Law Firm
Toll Free: 800-603-8930
Local: 647-557-1962
55 Adelaide Street East, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5C 1K6


Mood Disorder Organizations in Other Canadian Provinces

British Columbia
Mood Disorders Association of BC - MDA
200 - 460 Nanaimo Street
Vancouver  BC  V5L4W3
Tel: 604-873-0103 
Fax: 604-873-3095

Pacific Post Partum Support Society
200 – 7342 Winston St., Burnaby, BC, V5A 2H1
Tel:   604 – 255-7999
Fax: 604 – 255-7588


Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders Society
OBAD has information about support groups in Alberta and Saskatchewan 
1019 7th Ave. South West, Calgary, AB, T2P 1A8 
Phone: (403) 263-7408
Toll Free Number 1-866-263-7408 


Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
100 - 4 Fort Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 1C4 
Phone - Toll-free: 1-800-263-1460
Phone - Local: (204) 786- 0987
Fax: (204) 775-3497


AMI Quebec 
Alliance for the Mentally Ill Inc., 
5800 boul. Decarie,Montreal, Quebec H3X 2J5 
Phone: (514) 486-1448 

Nova Scotia

Depressive and Manic Depressive Society of Nova Scotia
c/o 73 Howe Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P 4T9
Phone: (902)539-9179

Self Help

Self Help Centres Across Ontario
Peer-to-Peer Support Centre
Ontario Peer Development Initiative O.P.D.I. (formerly C.S.D.I.)
O.P.D.I. provides on-going support to non-service, mental health consumer/survivor groups across the province.